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Office: Electronic Department - College of Engineering
Yogyakarta State University - INDONESIA
ph. +62-274-586168 ext. 293
Information and Communication Technology Centre
Yogyakarta State University - INDONESIA
ph. +62-274-586168 ext. 228
e-mail: hermansurjono@uny.ac.id


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I developed an e-learning portal based on LMS of Moodle at http://elearning-jogja.org. Everbody can make courses of his/her own in this portal for free.

Having fulfilled the conditions prescribed by the University, I was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Graduation of 22 September 2006.

E-learning UNY can be accessed at http://besmart.uny.ac.id.

Since May 2006 I have been apointed as Head of Information and Communication Technology Centre, Yogyakarta State University

I submitted my doctoral thesis to the Graduate Research College of Southern Cross University in March 2006.

At the moment my project called the AEH system is not available due to lack of servlet-based server. You are welcome to try the off-line version of the system.

Another mirror of my homepage has been in the SCU server. In this site there will be a page about the development of my PhD research project.

I am going to present a paper for the 2nd International Conference on Web-based Learning 2003 Melbourne, Australia at 18-20 August 2003 (see the paper)

I am currently working on my PhD research on Multimedia and Information Technology at Southern Cross University, Australia (starting July 2002)

Research topic for my Ph.D. program is about developing adaptive hypermedia(see Proposal in PDF OR HTML)

Please fill in my guestbook to give me some feedback (GuestBook)

I have a new menu (download area) to browse and still many more to come

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Yogyakarta - INDONESIA
e-mail:hermansurjono@yahoo.com or hermansurjono@gmail.com
  • Research: Adaptive hypermedia, E-learning, Hypermedia system, Web-based instruction, Computer-assisted instruction, Information system
  • Teaching: Algorithm and Data Structures, Computer Programming, Multimedia Learning, Educational Media, Web-based instruction, Web development, Internet programming, Radio communication, Analogue electronics
  • Programming: Java, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, XHTML, XML
My PhD Research:
Poposal slides (pdf | html)
Paper (pdf)
Paper slides (html | pdf)
Research progress (pdf)
Empirical evaluation of AEH (pdf)
Doctoral thesis submitted in 2006 (prelim-pdf)
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